Miki Degni, the artist who paints with wine .

Miki Degni is an artist and graphic designer.
He’s living and working in Milan.

In 2007, he had this idea to paint with red wine when a winery asked him to make something special to advert that company.
So, he used the grape nectar to realize his own works. Rigorously on an excellent raw material: the handmade paper of Amalfi on which the artist, replacing the traditional colors with Italian red wine, realizes real masterpieces.

In the years Micky Degni has made over 200 tables that make up the collection “drunk paintings”.


Wang Guangyi – A Chinese artist part of the China’s new art movement.

Wang Guangyi is a Chinese artist.
He was born in Harbin on the north est of China.
He studied at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.
He is working and living in Beijing.
Wang is a leader of the new art movement that started in China after 1989.

Wang Guangyi painted different canvases called “Great Criticism” using old images of Chinese propaganda from the Cultural Revolution with logos of Western luxury brands.
These works are the main and well-known works by Guangyi.
He thought that political and commercial propaganda are two forms of brainwashing.
He forced Chinese and the rest of the world to reflect the 2 topics: the propaganda, used in China and the mass consumption especially expensive products, for the western countries. Both negative things for Guangyi.

New work by Banksy in Dover regarding Brexit

The graffiti appeared overnight on the wall of a palace near the Dover ferry terminal, located in the far south-eastern part of the island, the work stands out at a crucial point, the port connects England with Calais In France. The drawing shows a workman with the classic monochrome color (typical Banksy style), aiming to remove one of the 12 stars from the European Union flag.

JR in Naples.

3000 portraits stick to the ground. A black and white Neapolitan catwalk passes for half a mile via Parthenope, from the pizzeria Sorbillo to the Congress Center of Federico II. It is the result of the project “Inside Out” by French artist Jr, presented on Saturday morning during the Sky Arts festival.

Tim Walker , next Pirelli calendar photographer 2018

The British photographer made famous by Vogue’s most prestigious almanacs shots, will be the next photographers of the prestigious Pirelli calendar. Still unknown the model names.

One of the most talented photographers of last years, Tim Walker tells in every image a fantastic story, evokes dreamy and fairy-tale landscapes.


Charles Rennie Macintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Is most well known as an architect. His masterpiece is the Glasgow School of Art (GSA).
Mackintosh was born in Glasgow into a working-class family.
He began his career in 1884 in the architect John Hutchinson studio.
He attended evening classes at the GSA and during his time at the practice he met his future wife: Margaret Macdonald.
He moved on to the office of Honeyman & Keppie in 1889 as a draftsman. He became a partner in 1901. Despite the success in Glasgow, the couple left the city and the firm in 1913 to go to Suffolk. The last years of his life outside Glasgow were characterized ( Like many other famous artists) by poor health and the few commissions.

Like sometimes happen, he was rejected by his home city and the architectural establishment. But the School of Art was judged the best building of the past 175 years in a RIBA nationwide poll. In 2014 the school was damaging by fire ( still under repair now).
The characteristic of the buildings he designed, is the 4 sides difference. No one similar.


Erik Johansson – Author of amazing picture

Erik doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas. With the help of his camera and Photoshop the goal is to make it look as realistic as possible.

Erik speach in TED

his website:

Upcoming Exhibitions
17 June – 8 October 2017
Dunkers Kulturhus :: Helsingborg, Sweden

A tribute to futurist. An Italian artistic movement.

photo by renato ventoso with iphone

Something to know about futurist:

Richard Prince and his controversial copyright infringement

Richard Prince is in legal hot water yet again. The artist and his former dealer Gagosian Gallery have been sued by different people like the photographer Sam Abel and Donald Graham, a Make up Artist Ashley Salazar and Selena Mooney for using instagram pictures download from instagram and sold around 100.000 dollars each.
Read the story in The Guardian link above:


Video realized by PDN ONLINE – photo district news

A different collection – Moschino fall-winter 2017-18 –

I liked the first part of this collection.
a re-used parcel idea.
Great idea