Charles Rennie Macintosh


Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Is most well known as an architect. His masterpiece is the Glasgow School of Art (GSA).
Mackintosh was born in Glasgow into a working-class family.
He began his career in 1884 in the architect John Hutchinson studio.
He attended evening classes at the GSA and during his time at the practice he met his future wife: Margaret Macdonald.
He moved on to the office of Honeyman & Keppie in 1889 as a draftsman. He became a partner in 1901. Despite the success in Glasgow, the couple left the city and the firm in 1913 to go to Suffolk. The last years of his life outside Glasgow were characterized ( Like many other famous artists) by poor health and the few commissions.

Like sometimes happen, he was rejected by his home city and the architectural establishment. But the School of Art was judged the best building of the past 175 years in a RIBA nationwide poll. In 2014 the school was damaging by fire ( still under repair now).
The characteristic of the buildings he designed, is the 4 sides difference. No one similar.

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