John Taylor – Fragile – Iota Gallery – 4/19 August 2017 – Glasgow

presents :
John Taylor

Poignant, timeless & controversial, this exhibition of work by the renowned John Taylor is also probably the best watercolour painting that you will ever see. The content and colour is truly arresting.
Original works from now, the 80s and the 90s, some of which
have never been shown before.

John came to study at the school of art in Glasgow in the 50s and has remained most of his life.
He says about Glasgow when he moved in that town: “Back then there was always the smog. You get all these paintings with little red dots for the sun because it was blotted out by the smog – the only time you could really see the place was during the Glasgow Fair when the industry shut down for a while.
He took his first solo exhibition, which was in Edinburgh in 1961.
John with the help of his partner Jacki Parry have played a significant role in the development of Wasps ( a art centre in Glasgow).

Taylor says: I have been painting in watercolour and pastel for over 30 years, mainly painting landscapes and seascapes seen on my travels around Scotland in all weathers.