Miki Degni, the artist who paints with wine .


Miki Degni is an artist and graphic designer.
He’s living and working in Milan.

Miky Degni

Miky Degni – ph Agostino Criscuolo

In 2007, he had this idea to paint with red wine when a winery asked him to make something special to advert that company.
So, he used the grape nectar to realize his own works. Rigorously on an excellent raw material: the handmade paper of Amalfi on which the artist, replacing the traditional colors with Italian red wine, realizes real masterpieces.

Miky degni

Miky degni – Allegra

In the years Micky Degni has made over 200 tables that make up the collection “drunk paintings”.


Miky degni

Miky degni

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