Opera Bombana – best restaurant in Beijing – chef Umberto Bombana



Opera Bombana is one of the most exclusive Italian restaurants in Beijing. Three-Michelin-starred chef Umberto Bombana created “a modern yet refined Italian restaurant” that matches the needs and sophisticated tastes of the Beijing upmarket crowd.

Delighting the gourmet palates with exceptional creations, Chef Umberto Bombana has dedicated his talent to the culinary world, developing his philosophy of outstanding ingredients and delivering a unique experience to all his patrons.
Opera BOMBANA is the expression of Chef Umberto Bombana’s culinary passion for the basic elements of Italian gastronomy and culture, delivering a unique interpretation of great Italian food in the forms of restaurant, bakery, pastry, cocktails and coffee.
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No. 9, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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