John Taylor – Fragile – Iota Gallery – 4/19 August 2017 – Glasgow

presents :
John Taylor

Poignant, timeless & controversial, this exhibition of work by the renowned John Taylor is also probably the best watercolour painting that you will ever see. The content and colour is truly arresting.
Original works from now, the 80s and the 90s, some of which
have never been shown before.

John came to study at the school of art in Glasgow in the 50s and has remained most of his life.
He says about Glasgow when he moved in that town: “Back then there was always the smog. You get all these paintings with little red dots for the sun because it was blotted out by the smog – the only time you could really see the place was during the Glasgow Fair when the industry shut down for a while.
He took his first solo exhibition, which was in Edinburgh in 1961.
John with the help of his partner Jacki Parry have played a significant role in the development of Wasps ( a art centre in Glasgow).

Taylor says: I have been painting in watercolour and pastel for over 30 years, mainly painting landscapes and seascapes seen on my travels around Scotland in all weathers.

Kate Charlesworth – BLAMM! – Iota Gallery – Glasgow – UK

iota presents
curated by
John McShane

This first major retrospective of the work of acclaimed cartoonist, Kate Charlesworth, spans her entire career from comic strips in
‘Dykes Delight’, through to work for New Scientist and the Guardian to the important graphic novel,
‘Sally Heathcote Suffragette’, created in collaboration with
Mary Talbot, winner of the Costa prize, and
Bryan Talbot creator of Granville.

Thursday 4 May!
You are cordially invited to
the Private View
from 6-9pm

25 Hyndland Street
Glasgow G11 5QE
++ 44 (0)141 338 6052

Iota Gallery – NO EXPECTED OUTCOME – 14 / 23 April 2016


Glasgow School of Art

M.Res. Creative Practices
No Expected Outcome

Artists: Agnes Jones, Celia Garcia, Gina Lundy, Jade Jackson, Jane Walker, Julie Laing, Jonathan Webster, Leo Plumb, Marta Tokarz, Nicole Manley, Niki Taylor, Sebastian Tay, Struan Kenned, Stuart Nicholson

Tommy Lydon – ‘Cut Out Artists’ – 12 SEPTEMBER- 3 OCTOBER 2015



A long-awaited solo show, ‘Cut Out Artists’ references our cultural climate as well as current and historic art practice and practitioners. Lydon has produced a phenomenal range of powerful work specifically for this show. The exhibition will run for three weeks.

Tommy was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art where he also completed his post graduate studies. He has been Artist/Designer on several projects: the Garnethill Mural Project, Glasgow and has worked in performance both alone and in association with others; seven large-scale gable Murals commissioned by the Scottish Development Agency; and on the Easterhouse Mosaic Mural in Glasgow. He has worked in mixed – media installations, video and site specific projects. Tommy is presently living and working in both Glasgow and Düsseldorf, Germany.

opening hours:
tuesday to friday 10.00 – 17.00
saturday 10.00 – 12.00

Iota Gallery
25 Hindland street

11 Seconds- Glasgow School of Art in Iota Gallery. 13-21 June

M. Litt. Fine Art Practice Interim Show
Iota Gallery,
25 Hyndland street,

Imagine Shanghai – Glasgow Discourse on Life-Concepts – Lianxi Zhang and Roy Petrie – IOTA GALLERY< GLASGOW


This art exhibition is presented by Scottish artist Roy Petrie and Chinese artist Lianxi Zhang. From their own perspective of cultural concepts, both artists express their concerns about many social problems such as war, animal rights, the relationship between man and nature, religions. The artists examine their self-consciences by art and hope to present their thoughts free from capital and outer value pressure. The academic expectation of this exhibition is to encourage the audiences’ interaction with the art works based on their self-consciences. The exhibition forms do not only include painting, sculpture and prints of computer art which is very popular nowadays, but also the new art form created by Joseph Beuys: dialogue and communication of the artists and audience on the site. We think art can enlighten the wise world in us and we believe in the power of interactions with the audience. The exhibition is named IMAGINE as a continuity of John Lennon’s thinking about the world and we carry on these ideas in our own way.

本次艺术展是由苏格兰艺术家罗伊先生与中国艺术家张连熹先生共同为大家呈现的。两位艺术家从各自的文化理念出发,对当下诸如战争,动物权利,人与自然关系,宗教…等社会问题。通过艺术的方式进行基于自我内在良知的审视,希望呈现一个没有权利资本没有外在价值压力的纯粹思考。于是,能否通过艺术作品与观众进行(基于内在自我良知的)交流互动成为此次展览的学术期待。展览的形式除了常规的油画雕塑以及当当下流行的数码艺术外还有艺术家博伊斯所开启的艺术方式“艺术家与观众的现场交流”,我们相信艺术能开启我们内心已存的智慧世界, 我们相信与观众互动思考的力量。“Imagine”作为展览的名称主要为延续约翰.列侬对于世界的思考,只是我们的方式不同。

DAVID CAMPBELL – Iota Gallery – Glasgow

David Campbell.
Iota Gallery
25 Hyndland street
6-21 of March 2015
opening time 10,00 – 17,00
saturday 10,00 – 13,00
sunday closed.